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    Every dollar contributed to Legal Aid of Wyoming goes to fund legal representation of the indigent and elderly.

    We have made making a donation easier then ever, by adding a PayPal button and a QR Code. Just hover over the block with your phone and you will be taken to our donation site.
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  • WyoGives Fundraising 2021

    Thank you to all our wonderful donors. Legal Aid of Wyoming would not be able to help as many people as we do without you.Again, thanks for the support from all our donors below!

    WyoGives – an initiative of the Wyoming Nonprofit Network – was designed to bring the state together as one community to raise money and awareness for Wyoming’s nonprofits.



    $5 - $49

    Lindsey Hanlon

    Teresa Chizek

    Julie Hernandez

    Joshua Watanabe

    Amy Spieker

    Miranda Canales

    Natasha Cranmore

    Amy Moyer

    Cindy De Santiago

    Claudia Villalobos

    Sara Jarrett

    Hallie Oneal

    Gerald Gambler

    Jill Higham

    Andra Valdez

    Steve LaFave

    Santanita Candelaria

    Nancy Shore

    Anile Locust

    Denyse Bergie

    Michael Learlman


    $50 - 150


    Barbara Fairchild

    Lisa Yellow Eagle

    Jennifer Johnigan

    Ashley Busacker

    Christian Osorio

    Lisa Alexander

    David Snyder

    Robert Walters

    Roy Brown

    Lisa & Paul Spillman

    Andrea Evashevski

    Gregory Converse

    Crystal Garcia

    Anetra Parks

    Natasha Underwood


    Michael Ross

    Gregory Dykeman

    C Robert Johnigan


  • 2020 Donor Honor Roll

    $1,000 or more


    Gordon Rees

    Peterson Young
    Rolf & Nancy Engh
    White and Steele
    William, Porter, Day, & Neville

    $500 - $999


    Carol Seeger
    Gregory Dykeman
    Mary Ellbogen
    Megan Hayes
    Melinda McCorkle



    Messenger Law
    Michael Ross
    Segal Law
    Steve Titus
    Timothy Tarver

    $10 - $499


    Alaina & Douglas Hall
    Andrew Salter
    Brynn Hvidston
    Carissa Armitage
    Catherine Fox
    Dan Blythe
    Daniel Fowler
    David Smith
    Dawn Reed
    Diana Wempen
    Diane Gore
    Doug Bailey
    Fidelity Charity

    Frank Bellinghiere
    Herbert Doby



    James & Pam Hallman
    James Schermetzler
    Jenette Wolfley
    Jerry Laska
    John Doidge
    Katherine Adams
    Kevin Stansbury
    Kristen & Will Jones
    Laurie Seidenberg
    Lynne Boomgaarden
    Marion Yoder

    Matthew Barneck
    Michael Lee
    Mike Barrash
    Mr. & Mrs. Blomstrom



    Mr. & Mrs. Gaedyasz
    Network for Good
    Patton & Davison
    Paulson Odell & Peterson
    Peter Froelicher
    Rhonda Woodard
    Roberta Coates
    Shannon Anderson
    Sheryl Howe
    Thomas & Patricia Harrington
    Tom Brantley
    Troy Rumpf
    Walter Eggers
    William Beaman

  • 2019 Donor Honor Roll

    $500 - $1,000


    Unitarian Universalist Church of Cheyenne

    $25 - $499


    Karen Youngstrom
    Judge Coates

  • 2018 Donor Honor Roll

    $1,001 or more


    Peterson Young PC
    Kathryn Lex
    Keith Tyler

    $500 - $1,000


    Jost Energy Law
    Rendy Lemke
    Jennifer Furioli
    Leah Corrigan
    Jeanette Wolfley

    $25 - $499


    Law Office of Frank Bellinghiere
    Susan Hannah
    Justice Kautz
    Molly Dow
    Peter Nichols
    Sheryl Howe
    John Goodell
    Fred & Dawn Reed
    Colin & Debbie Simpson
    Catherine Hansen Stamp
    Adora Palma
    Anthony Hamilton
    Rhonda Woodard
    Claudia Coffey
    Alice De Stigter
    Kevin & Jennifer Stansbury
    Laurie Seidenberg
    Murdoch & Pearse Law Firm
    Lew Hansen
    Alan & Ann Simpson
    Megan Hayes
    Juliana Dahl



    Anetra Parks
    Laura Page
    Emilee Intlekofer
    Elizabeth Harris
    Stephen Easton
    Dan Blythe
    Robert Allen
    Richard Wilking
    Thomas Fitzpatrick
    Nancy Vehr
    Boyd Wallentine
    William Beaman
    T. Alan Elrod
    Barker Wilson Law
    Nina Lex
    Ashley Busacker
    Julia Lehman
    Jennifer Reed
    Richard Shanor III
    Stephen Tomspon
    The Law Office of Aaron Spivack



    Mike Barrash
    Herbert Doby
    Marion Yoder
    Shirley Kingson
    Steiner Law LLC
    Hilary Brewster
    Paul Demuro
    The Segal Law Firm
    Jo Sherman Roberts
    Barney & Grahm
    Michael Krampner
    Jeffrey Cohen
    Daniel Fowler
    Amanda Roberts
    Patton & Davison LLC
    Thomas Lee
    Brenda Cubbage
    Robert Walters
    Walter Eggers
    Wolf, Tiedeken & Woodard
    Thomas Brantley
    The Nick Carter Law Firm

  • 2017 Donations in Memory of Mark Robbins,
    Legal Aid of Wyoming Board Honorary Vice-Chair

    Legal Assistants of Wyoming
    Scott Williams
    Linda M Kloster
    Robyn Beers
    Thomas C Rodgers
    Scott H Weischedel

    Brendan P McBride
    Bruse R Robbins
    Betty L. Ingram
    E Leonard
    Holly Urbanek
    Richard L McMall Jr

    Gayle Covey
    Gregg M Welton
    Deborah K. Juhlin
    Thomas J. & Cleo G. Loomis
    Mary Ellen Callahan
    Dorothy J. Maiers
    Judy A. Kallal